About Us

“ The Sunflower Association For Human And Environment Protection” is an environmental develop-mental association specialized in the Protection of the human being and environment .sunflower aspires to achieve effective contributions at the Palestinian level in cooperation and coordination with the local, Arab regional and international organizations to reinforce good practices related to a positive and clean environment. Sunflower works also in the area of recording volunteers to work collectively on protecting the human being and environment, with a special focus on women and youth, in order to reinforce their role, empower them, and create job opportunities for them.

Our Vision

Lsunflower seeks to resume a leading role in the area of protecting humanity and the environment.

Our Mission

To offer creative and innovative high quality services dealing with the human being.

Our Strategy

To work local and global partners to achieve implement activities with the targeted groups.


1.To reinforce and develop good and positive environment practices to protect the human being and the environment.

2. To develop the skills of women and youth and empower them in the environment field.

3. To create job opportunities for the targeted groups.

4. To reinforce cooperation and coordination with the organizations and commissions working in the environmental field at the local. Arab ,and international levels.

5. To recruit volunteers who can work towards protecting the human being and the environment.



1. To adopt a model positive approach in dealing with the targeted groups in order to meet their needs.

2. Honesty and transparency shall be the main pillars in dealing with the targeted groups and donors.

3. To respect the bylaws and respect human rights, especially rights of women and children.

4. To act in good faith and offer information and provide access to our activities based on high quality and professional documentation and reporting.

5. Our work will be based on deep conviction towards sustainability

What We Do?
Sunflower works in the following areas:

  1. To implement training programs towards capacity building in the environmental and develop mental fields for women ,youth and volunteers and NGOs.
  2. To offer administrative ,economic and social consultation related to protection of the human being and the environment to institutions ,commissions and individuals upon their reques.
  3. To organize meetings,seminars,conferences and workshops on relevant issues that concern the work of sunflower.
  4. To conduct specialized studies and research in the areas of protection of the human being and the environment from social, economic and environmental perspectives.
  5. To implement developmental projects that aim to create job opportunities, taking into consideration the protection of humanity and the environment.
  6. To publish periodicals and special reports on humanity and the environment.

Your Generous support helped Us

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